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I've just picked up my new Vivaro e. I spent most of the morning transferring a literal tonne of tools and equipment from my old diesel Vivaro (actually a rebadged Renault Trafic).

This afternoon, I drove it for the first time, and did 31 miles and one single job. The only EV I've driven regularly before this was my friend's MG5, which has auto hold. The Vivaro creeps forward, like a traditional automatic. I don't like sitting at the lights with my foot on the brake, blinding those behind me and tiring my leg. In a manual I'd change to neutral, put the handbrake on, and have a rest.

What should I do? Put it in Park? Leave it in Drive and just put the parking brake on? Change to Neutral?

Leaving it in Drive and using the parking brake seems fine, but I don't know what I don't know.
There's no way I'd put it in Park. You only need some clown to run into the back of you, or into the back of the car behind you to cause them to lurch into your rear and the resultant shock load on the locked Park system can destroy your transmission.

I can't see any issues leaving it in Drive and using the parking brake. Just make sure the PB is holding - you may not notice a gradual creep especially if distracted while stopped, and the resulting contact could be embarrassing.

I also don't see any issues with leaving it drive and holding it with the foot brake. The brake lights in front of me have never been a concern, but perhaps that's just a personal perspective.

Does it have Auto-hold? That would solve your issue.
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