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2015 BMW i3 REx 60ah, Solar Orange
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So after the charging solenoid lock episode, my wife tells me there's a PDC fault (park distance control). I thought this may just be the dirty roads considering we had over a foot of snow last week and temperatures of -23.

So the snow is melting and temperatures are back to normal for this time of year. I tried cleaning the sensors but the problem persists. These sensors are expensive, especially the front ones which are pre-painted. I've sourced a supplier and have used Hubauer Shop before, so I know they are genuine BMW and avoids going any where near the main dealer.

The car has front and rear sensors, auto park, plus a reversing camera. It's probably just one sensor, so how can I go about determining it? I'm used to working with VCDS on Audi and Volkswagen cars, but I know genuine BMW software is likely to be ISTA software, but which version? Any links to UK or European sellers, I mean plug and play, so software, cable, the works.

Any other tips appreciated to solve this please, thank you.

Please don't tell me I need to break out the multimeter!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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