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Performance anxiety

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I've ordered an ID.4 Style pro. Due to do a few reasons only just ordered. However I'm already feeling performance anxiety and wondering if I should have ordered the pro performance. Half of the problem is I've only been able to test drive the performance model so it's hard to tell if I'd be happy with just Pro.
Has anybody driven/owned both and can give a comparison?
I've currently got an Audi A4 2.0litre petrol and that's got more than enough power for what I need. I'm struggling to be able to compare the power to the EV equivalents. It's very very much a family car, 80% of my driving will have 4 of us in it, so I'm not going to be racing around but I consider myself a confident and relatively quick driver.
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(I know it's not comparing - "like with like", and the car you've got on order - this is very subjective !). I've driven a handful of EV's and alot of ICE car's in my-time. The main difference you'll notice with performance is that pretty much any EV with a decent size motor, will be "Very Fast at initially pulling-away from a standing start" and at a speed of 0-30/40mph will pretty much beat most ICE car's (my ID4 1st Edition does, without any effort, and I certainly don't drive like a "boy racer" lol). It's the next 20mph that it then lag's a little, the weight of the car - coming into play - which is where you see the 0-60 figures being slower if you're trying to compare.
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