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Hi all,

The airbag light is permanently on in my 2011 Peugeot Ion and it needs an MOT. I have checked with Peugeot for any recalls and there are none (some 2011 i-miev had airbag sensor recalls but seems not for my Ion). A garage had disconnected the passenger seat airbag connector to get to the master fuse, and this may be what has put it on. I understand that airbag errors stay on until reset. I have an iCarSoft i970 diagnostics reader but it says that it cannot communicate with the airbag system.

Does anyone else have an i970 and if so can it talk to your airbag system? When I do the automatic scan it doesn't list airbags, then if you go to manual select and choose airbag system it then says it can't communicate.

The car also doesnt really seem to like the i970, it makes the dash go a bit crazy ! Is there a better reasonably priced diagnostics reader for the Ion? I have CanIon which is great but looking for something with fault codes. If I can't work it out then i'll just take it for the MOT and see if they can reset it, but would rather work out if I need a new airbag controller before then.

Cheers all !

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