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Peugeot iOn - Granny cable works but not Wall Box

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Just posted this in another part of the forum, but then realized here is more suitable.

I just got a Peugeot iOn and I can't get the charging to work from the 7 kW wall box, but it does charge with the granny charger. I had a Renault Zoe a year ago which charged from the box with no issues, and there are no signs of damage (the app says everything is fine and can detect the car, but the car doesn't seem to allow charging to happen).

I believe the iOn is limited to 16 A, but my charger can modulate so I don't think this would be an issue. In the manual, it only mentions the granny charger and there is no mention of mode 3 charging, but surely this is possible? When I stick the cable in, the red charger light on the dash flashes 2 or 3 times so it does detect it, but for some reason it doesn't allow charging to happen.

Any ideas?
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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