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Thought it might be nice to have a topic on this, because I know I may find it helpful and inspiring.

I used to take a LOT of photos when I ran my old MINI website, I really enjoy it but over the years take very few "proper" photos. It's something I want to remedy – especially now I've a passion rekindled thanks to EVs.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favourite snaps from over the years in the hope that you'll all heap praise and love on me (there's "likes in it for you" :p) but also to see if we have any other keen pro or amateur vehicle snappers and we can share tips, tricks, notes and inspiration with each other.

I'm being lazy and just grabbing a load off my flickr stream, but may dig out some others later if others start sharing too. :p

Our LEAF, taken in 2013 close to Milton Keynes. Simply shot with an iPhone 5. May have had HDR enabled, can't recall.

Nissan LEAF in the woods by themullett, on Flickr

This is my wife's former company car. I liked this because it was unusually "clean" for me. Taken with a Canon 60D, again on the roads just outside Milton Keynes.

Silver New Beetle by themullett, on Flickr

This one was taken on a launch event in Spain. I just like the colours, it feels very much like it felt in "real life" which is why I think I like it.

New horizons by themullett, on Flickr

This was our MINI Cooper S, our favourite one anyway. It was one of the first in country bought by my father-in-law and inherited by us. We sold it not long after to help fund a house purchase, still miss it.

This was really lucky with the sky, lovely sunny day then storms rolling in lead to wonderful lighting.

Taken with a Canon 400D

Fun with stormy sky by themullett, on Flickr

Unlike most of the other shots this one went through Photoshop, I wanted a certain feel (was just playing really), wanted it to feel dirty, like some shady undercover cop from the 70s could barrel down those stairs behind and into the car at any time...

Getaway car by themullett, on Flickr

This is a bit different. Probably not really a great photo but I like it. Taken at a Mini festival with a Canon 400D I quite liked the effect the light had.

Morris Cooper S by themullett, on Flickr

This is one of my first MINI photos from 2002 taken with a budget Fujifilm camera. I cheated by getting advice from proper photos and almost shooting over their shoulder on this occasion.

On the rocks by themullett, on Flickr

I didn't take this one, but I think it explains a lot. This is me in an early EV looking stylish as ever...

Hot wheels by themullett, on Flickr

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Probably my best effort, my long-gone vectra at Rockingham Speedway (I like the "glint" by the headlight, didn't notice it till I was home!)

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Wow, a selection of magazine worthy cover photos up there - great work! Having no skill with a lens, I'll have to cheat and add one my dad took, at a quiet Waddesdon Manor before the parking attendant caught up with us.
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