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So I am finally ready to pull the trigger on my build. I have been interested in electric cars since 1998 when I drove my first. It was a Geo Metro. There was some guys converting them where I was living and I have had the "bug" ever since. We had a Chevy Bolt for awhile. Then Chevy recalled it. I got to drive that thing for about 4 years for FREE! They bought it back for what I paid for it and even reimbursed my loan interest. I took that money and bought a giant Truck. 2021 High Country w/6.2. It's cool and all but I'm at a point in my life that I don't need to try to impress people anymore.
Enough babel .....

Why a 1984 BMW 733i you ask?

Well it is a classic timeless sedan
The frame is large enough to accommodate the Tesla motors (I think)
It's in GREAT shape(interior and body). Always garaged and been in storage for the last 10 years.
Engine is reported to be running but has 288K miles on it. I'm not interested in the engine.
It has many factory parts that can be swapped with M performance parts. brakes,suspension etc. I need that because of the power I'm pushing.
I like it.

Why Tesla motors?

They are readily available
AEM has a module THE VCU200/LDU INVERTER that takes the Tesla motors to the next level.

Why AME?

Glad you asked. They have entered the EV game big time.
I plan on using a lot of there components.
Read about it here. If you haven't already.


I plan on using a Pair of Chevy Volt battery packs. Or build a battery pack
This will require more research for the best option

There's a bunch of other stuff I haven't thought of but what to get this out there for your comments.

Thanks in advance


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Sounds a fun project, but two Volt packs won't get you very far down the road...!
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