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Until now Plug in Britain has not been officially formed but now that the management team is up and running we are able now to take Plug in Britain forward.

The management team consists of Paul Churchley, Dave Davies, Phil Massey and Paul Morris.

We have given careful thought to what form Plug in Britain should take and have decided that Plug in Britain will be a registered charity in the form of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or CIO. This will require the management team to become trustees of the charity and to abide to the rules as specified by the Charities Commission and to use their constitution.

Being a charity will slightly refocus our actions to be for the "public benefit" rather than solely for "our members" benefit but we believe that this refocus is for the better good of us all. Members will still be represented and being a member will show your support, help us to formulate our policies and allow you to have a say in the running of the organisation.

So, as we go through the not insignificant steps to get the charity officially up and running, to get a logo and brand designed and to redesign and refocus the web site, you will have seen a lull in our public activity. However, DO NOT WORRY! This just means we are working towards our official launch and we will keep you informed of progress as we go.

Thank you for your support.

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