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The manual says that the car should be plugged in when not being driven if possible. It allows the car to maintain the battery at the optimum temperature and keeps it topped off.

However, as I work from home sometimes I drive just a few miles every day. So, even if I have driven to the shop and back, say 3 miles, should I then plug it in again?

With the Nissan Leaf I try to apply a bit of common sense. If the Leaf has done just a few miles I won't plug it in. I will leave it until I have used about 1/2 and plug it in then.

However, the Ampera is different. Maximizing the cost savings that the Ampera makes possible depends on me not using petrol. So, at all times I really need to be as fully charged as possible so I use less petrol should I need to drive over the EV range. The Leaf is different in that I won't be using it for long trips so I can let the range drop a fair bit knowing I will still always have enough for local trips. But with the Ampera it is my "go to" car for longer trips so it makes sense to keep the battery topped off whenever possible.

So, although the manual says plug it in but should I charge the car even when only a few EV miles have been used?

I realise that charging with only a few miles used is not likely to be good for the battery but I will potentially save on petrol costs. It is a balance.

What are you doing?
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