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I've been having problems with my dumb Rolec EVSE and in the course of trying to resolve the issue contacted Rolec indicating interest in a smart charger to replace my existing non functioning unit in the mistaken belief that they would actually read what I'd said and recognise that there was some wiring there already and that I would not be eligible for a grant (unless I'd bought a second EV possibly).

They didn't but simply pushed out their standard lead to Plugitin Group as an inquiry for an OLEV subsidised new installation and Plugitin sent me their standard first response.

I decided to email them back to explain why I wouldn't be now installing a new Rolec unit and within minutes I get a phone call from their Andy who was extremely helpful in terms of advice relating to the fault on my existing unit and despite being rather distant from me offered to call in the process of carrying out a job not too far distant to me.

The purpose of this is simply to say how impressed I was with Andy's helpfulness and general attitude that I would be surprised if anyone using them for an installation wouldn't be pleased that they had done.

Just sayin'.
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