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Hello folks. A week or so ago a link was posted to a POD Point charging survey, which I (and others) duly completed. Turned out that wasn't for sharing, and it was quickly pulled.

Anyway, POD Point are aware of this and have asked if I could share a new survey link we cal ALL participate in and therefore can all win up to three POD Point public chargers installed in your local area.

The new survey link is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L9ST5CQ

Thanks all.


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I clicked on that link to find the survey closed.

A comment about Pod Point: they are a bunch of scurrilous rip-off merchants! This may not be news. However, their manner of rip-off is a new one to me.

I happened to be glancing through some VISA statements and I found an entry in which I had paid £24 to Pod Point in early April. "That's odd!" thought I, "I didn't ever receive a Pod Point card..."

I phoned them. It seems that I paid Pod Point for my Plugged-in Midlands card, a card scheme which has had quite a few of its chargers transferred to the CYC scheme. I have a CYC (GMEV) card, so in one sense that isn't a problem.

However, whereas I'm told that my CYC card will work on any machine operated by CYC, this isn't true of cards operated by Pod Point. The PiM card will not work on machines in other areas. So I am expected to pay for more cards to the same supplier if I need electrons in Kent, for example, which I quite often do. Furthermore, I understand from Pod Point that my Source London card will work on Pod Points in Essex but not on similar points in Kent.

Was there a "Yes/No" tick box in that survey for the question "Do you consider that the Pod Point company is a conniving bunch of gits?"
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