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Hi all

Newbie here....

Got my EV (Jaguar I Pace) last week having had a Pod-Point installed a couple of weeks prior.

From what I can tell, my PP is charging at under 6KW as opposed to 7. I have talked with PP support multiple times who can't see any issues at all. They did say though that they can see that the charger is only pulling 27amps rather than 32 - which would explain the reduced charging power.

Any suggestions on where to go with this???


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You need to check the incoming voltage for your property as that will also affect the total power at which you can charge. For example, at my property, the incoming voltage is right at the bottom end of the allowable limit, 216v. In fact, it was due to this that I was sometimes getting problems with my PodPoint going into fail mode with a red light. After getting PodPoint to look at the numbers at their end, they could see that sometimes the voltage at the PodPoint dropped below 200v which caused the failure.

Even so, whenever the voltage is "normal" (~215v) the best I can achieve with 30amp is 6.4kW. After losses, the best I can achieve is ~6.2amp to the car.

It was this problem that led me to have my DNO investigate the low voltage and after some investigation which included them installing a voltage monitor at the property for a week, they have agreed that the voltage is below the minimum and they are going to take a supply from a nearby overhead line, install a new transformer and provide supply from that as the main transformer cannot be tapped for more. It'll take 6 months or more for this to be resolved but at least my PodPoint brought the problem to my and their attention.

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@rossy100 This might help >
I had a PodPoint solo installed at home, and it initially went well, local independent chap, very neat tidy and happy with his work. Within no time I was plugged in ---- and getting 6.5/6.6
The installer said they had to contact PodPoint to finish the install, and then PodPoint would "do something" that uncapped the unit. The installer checked my home voltage and given the fuse inside the unit he was expecting a 7 something when it was uncapped. Seemed to be something about a default low cap level until PodPoint had finished the install verification their end.

Then we went into weeks of problems, with PodPoint support saying there was nothing to do, it was showing fully installed their end, and me complaining I have paid for a unit capable of 7.2 and I wasn't getting it.

I ended up doing the following pd, and including it in my emails
  • getting another car to plug in and see if it got higher (it didn't)
  • plugging my car in elsewhere to see if I had set a limit or something wrong with my car ( I got 7s elsewhere and 11.2 on a Tescos' freebie 22 post )
  • Turning everything off in the house to see if I had high current draws ( I turned off everything at the consumer unit bar the pod points' dedicated fuse ) --- no difference at all -- and I did this at various times of day over a week.

Eventually I requested to log a formal complaint as I wasn't happy the issue was being taken seriously
Lo within 24hrs a senior engineer found a missing sw level, did an over the air update. I then turned the unit off/on at the consumer unit fuse, waited 10mins and Yep, 7.2 now on the car dashboard.
It grows slowly to it, pausing at 2.2 for 5-7 seconds then slowly continuing upwards. But it gets there after about 45seconds/a minute.

So all good until a couple of months later and I noticed it was back down to 6.6/6.7 -- it sometimes would hit 6.8-6.9 at first during the slow grow, but something kicks in and almost straight away back down to the limited point.
Again it took ages to find someone who understood my view -- this time that the sw fix had been backed out .
I had some weird statements that they could not upgrade it, I wasn't asking that I was asking for it to put back to the working level it had been at. Again I had to start the route of trying to log a formal complaint.
Eventually someone replied that "management had authorised a sw change " - and it's back to 7.2

I was not able to be told the sw level that PodPoint now see it at, so that if it does go again I can try to get it resolved quicker. It shouldn't be this hard.

I quite get there might be a day we have the oven on, doing the ironing, someone puts the kettle on and if then I happen to plug in, it ain't gonna be 7.2 there+then. And if on occasion the street power drops below 220 or so.
It might not sound a lot but 7.2 vs 6.6 is quite a difference, and I'd like to use please what I ordered/paid for.
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