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I had a Polar charger fitted FoC a number of years back, before I even had an electric car ( - I now have an Ampera).

Recently the charger tripped it's breaker, I think at the start of overnight charging, and tripped it every time I reset it, when the car was plugged in.

So I tried the granny cable which blows the fuse. I twice heard quite a pop from the car charge port. The car display Unable to Charge as soon as a cable is plugged in, even if not connected the the other end, so the car is going in tomorrow for attention.

Following a poster's advice on the Amp forum I inspected it all closely at the weekend to make sure it wasn't just damp or a foreign object, and I couldn't see either.

What I did notice is that the Polar box is showing a red light without anything plugged in. I have a feeling it was always did this but I can't be sure.

Any thoughts as to whether it may be a problem and if so how I can test it would be welcome!!

What I don't really want to do is spend money on replacing the car charge port only for it to blow again next time I plug it in.
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