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It's annoyed me ever since I started looking that the online manual is, shall we say, rather cumbersome, having to click individually into each section to open each page.
Surely, I thought, I could write some software to do all the clicking for me and dump the contents in a file?

So I did :) You can see a video of it in action for a few seconds here. To grab all sections of the manual takes around half an hour though I am on WiFi.

The HTML file of the complete Polestar 2 manual (as of 5th September) is here. It's one single, massive, file and isn't organised into clickable sections or anything, it's just like a book with no index. The images are also not scaled correctly so you get all sorts of pictures being far too big. Scope for improvement then!
Note that you need to be connected to the internet to read it as it loads all the pictures dynamically. If you want a static version to read offline, load the attached HTML file into a browser and save it (or print is) as a PDF. I'll warn you now that the PDF is rather big, around 100MB!

The nice thing about this is I can run it whenever I want to, as it reads the page like a human would by working through whatever sections are there. I'll try and update it from time to time and update the link here. I might try moving it across onto a Raspberry Pi that's permanently on, and have it regenerate it once per day for the fun of it...

If anyone would like to have a look at the source code just send me a message. It involves Python, Selenium, GeckoDriver and Firefox and was rather a learning experience for someone who normally writes embedded software for devices without operating systems, but was rather fun in a very geeky way!
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