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I have plenty of experience of using Chargepoint both in the UK and US. I have personally found both their AC units and DC Rapids to be very reliable units but obviously nothing is perfect and I am sure some do break.

The call centre experience in the UK isn't great though. I assume they decided that it wasn't necessary to launch a UK support operation since Instavolt is their main partner here and they have their own support. Chargepoint's own support will either redirect you to the Netherlands or the US depending on the time of day you call and sometimes can't do much other than promising to pass along a message and helping you find an alternative location to plug in.

It's probably best to get in touch with your employer to take care of it. While the unit is Chargepoint branded, it may not have a maintenance contract with them and instead be maintained by a third party. They will hopefully know who to speak to for getting things sorted out, if they have gone faulty.
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