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I've been thinking about this occasionally for the last few years, it struck me what I really needed was one of those tiny little trailers like this -
Small Trailer 1726 x 1200 x 824mm
Or maybe even smaller so it's only half as long (but the one above would give a bit of extra 'boot space')
Mount something like this-
Impax IMDY2500LBI 2200W Inverter Generator 230V
In a locked compartment with an EVSE and you have a REX. But going to into town/work etc. The "REX Trailer (TM)" can stay at home. Going camping, to see the in-laws, France, etc. No worries about range.

The genny above has pure sine wave output, and the official 10Amp should draw around the same output as that genny.
The only real issue is that it would be better to be able to charge while driving, which may be do-able using the Brusa chargers that some of the MNL forum member use to rapid charge at home.

All that said, for £469, I'm almost tempted to get one and stick it in the boot ;) REx Leaf anyone?
Hi .. these little trailers do not shock absorbers... When thay start to bounce.. they don't stop... You have to slow down to a crawl...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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