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Possible bearing problem

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Hi there. I am new to the Ampera having only picked mine up in June, it is a 2013 Electron with 44000 miles on the clock.
I have been really enjoying driving it until last night when I went to use the car for a trip into London and I noticed that the reversing camera did not come on and then as I went to drive away it made a strange whining noise and felt a little laboured in pulling away. I abandoned my journey and parked up ax not to cause any damage.
I have no warning lights coming on bug the noise is the same in drive and reverse and both ice and electric modes.
I have only had the car 3 months and purchased a warranty but I am guessing certain things will not be covered.
Is the bearing issue covered under the battery warranty or is this likely to be an expensive bill coming my way.
Grateful for any advice.
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There are quite a few bearing replacements on the forum, some paid for some warranty, all you can realistically do is to take it to the Ampera speacalist and see what they say, hopefully not too big a bill and you are covered.
Depends on what it is, take advice from the dealer in writing by email, just in case you have a bigger problem than it looks.
I had similar symptoms, mine was brake water shield just rubbing on the rear disc, check for a wam disc once you have done your test drive, When bellingers did my service all of that went away.
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I used Bellingers for my service they were spot on.
They have a very good reputation for both Volt and Ampera
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Be careful when rejecting cars, a firend of mine has a situation with a car where he gave the dealer 3 goes at fixing it as a result they are saying he acceped the car with the defect, so it seems you have to give them an opportunity to fix it, if they don't then reject the car immediately quoting the relevant sale of goods legislation to avoid any doiubt.
Must admit I can't see the dealers problem, however please let us all know which bunch of muppets are being difficult so we can avoid them, hopefully Car Giant wil fix your car and you can enjoy many miles ERev dellight.
Gears Magazine | Tackling a 4ET50 Hybrid

The link points to a detailed description of how to replace your bearing if you want to DIY it, or get your local independant to do it. after all its only a bearing.
Aye from me as well, one of the key reasons to buy the car was the security offered by tthe 8 year 100K coverage of the VOLTEC system. I feel decieved.
research on this becomes more and more interesting....

1/ you have rights up to 6 years from purchase ( sale of goods act )
2/ the warranty is a contract so you take action for breach of contract against the manfacturer
3/ you can bring action for up to £10, 000 in the small claims court for a fee of between £80 and £500

It seems that warranties are subject to change without notice in most terms and conditions so witdraw or change can be made at any time.

key points:

If they refuse warrranty, pay for the repair, go to small claims court
Use the Network Q brochure to prove the VOLTEC warranty was in place when the car was purchased.
They offered a blamket 100K mile warranty between 2011 and 2015 on all new cars.
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