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Possible bearing problem

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Hi there. I am new to the Ampera having only picked mine up in June, it is a 2013 Electron with 44000 miles on the clock.
I have been really enjoying driving it until last night when I went to use the car for a trip into London and I noticed that the reversing camera did not come on and then as I went to drive away it made a strange whining noise and felt a little laboured in pulling away. I abandoned my journey and parked up ax not to cause any damage.
I have no warning lights coming on bug the noise is the same in drive and reverse and both ice and electric modes.
I have only had the car 3 months and purchased a warranty but I am guessing certain things will not be covered.
Is the bearing issue covered under the battery warranty or is this likely to be an expensive bill coming my way.
Grateful for any advice.
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@Friends Electric thats where I take mine to be serviced - let us know how you get on, just in case I need the same thing later. Mine is OK at the moment. 50.5K Miles
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