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Possible "camper mode" from Zero Campers in Germany

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Not talking credit for this, but the link below was posted over on the Facebook group. I've watched YouTube videos of people using Zero Campers e-Spacetourer in Germany and Italy - it got me wondering how they tackled using the A/C or heating for long periods but here they explain how.

I briefly tried in my e-Traveller but no luck, however I left the car (was watching a light plugged into the 240V socket, whilst in my garage) so did get the warning about the keys so that may still trigger the energy saving mode. I hope the firmware on the Citroen, Peugeot, Opel, and Toyota are all similar enough...

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This is very exciting (sad I know!). But yes can confirm that it works in our Peugeot e-expert van (conventional key). I turned 'on', put it in park, locked the doors (with the internal switch) and put the seatbelt in both seats and the heater did actually get quite toasty - not bad for a currently uninsulated van without a bulkhead in chilly-in-May Scotland... Found it works best with the the down vent option on (as well as face) and recirculate. Face vents only didn't work as well. But was still going after 40 mins. Also before finding this out I found it will heat (or aircon) continuously if on a charger overnight; not sure if we were locked or not but we didn't have seatbelts plugged in.

The only downside is the running lights staying on which the German chap 'solves' with those magnetic covers... much better would be to have a switch inline with the fuse that goes to these lights... however I have looked through the manual and can't identify which fuse this is... if anyone has any luck let me know. Of course the van may complain but it ought to be easy to test by just removing the fuse in the first instance...

On a separate point it would be great to upgrade the 7kW heater with the new heatpump and better sensor that they introduced in 2022 as it is supposed to be much more efficient, but no idea if this is practical... By the way I'm pretty sure the differences between the brands in terms of firmware etc are minimal. I spoke to Peugeot recently and apparently there is a recall on my van for a dealer firmware/software update, although the fairly useless app didn't say anything...
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