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Post 2.4 Charge Curve

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Wondered how people are doing with the post 2.4 update charge curve?

I used a 350kW charger at Wetherby the other evening, needed a quick 30 miles or so to give me some contingency for my destination.

I was stopping a lot earlier than I normally would, and ended up plugging in at 48%.

I was a bit surprised to see the charge rate jump to 101kW, I’m pretty sure it was never that high in the 40s before, more like 70 something. I unplugged at 58% and was still pulling 81kW.

I haven’t seen any official charge curves for the 82kWh battery on the GTX, and I’m certainly not complaining, but has anybody else seen jumps in charge speed and seen a new vs old curve anywhere?
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(As a Tour owner) I thought the GTX had an even better (up to 175kw at low soc) charge curve than the regular 77kw ID models?
I’ve not seen that mentioned, nor seen It at the chargers, I think it was meant to be 125kW from stock, but I did see mention on a 2.4 video somewhere that it would be higher post update?
As I do little rapid charging, I have no direct experience of this. There have been plenty of folks on the VW ID Owners Club Facebook group reporting better charging speeds post 2.4 upgrade though.

Thanks, but don’t have a Facebook account. 👍🙂
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Found this Battery Life video which shows the curves with 3.0 and 3.1 software, I guess 2.4 puts us somewhere between the launch levels and these.

Seems they’ve made the curve ‘fatter’ at the front end, and higher for longer, which seems to be what I’ve experienced the other day.

Good news then, I/we can look forward to some more improvements in due course. 👍

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From VW’s own 3.0 update pages - it says that 77kwh id’s with 2.3 from the factory wouldn’t be changed. But those that ota’d to 2.3 would. It should be 135kw from the start.

but iirc the GTX gets a much better charge curve than the rest 😁😢

who knows! Glad to hear it’s fast though! Summer connies certainly help!
Yes, you’re probably correct about that, mine should be 135kW as it had 2.3 from the factory.

Hadn’t noticed such high charge rates at those percentages before, hence my query.
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Does the GTX have 82 kWh usable? I assumed it was the same as the 77 kWh (which has 82 kWh actual I believe), but if it has 5 kWh more usable that must be nice.
Ah no, sorry, yes same 77kWh as any other ID.4 with that battery size.

I’m guessing when they launch the ‘VW Store’ though, that 5kW might be what you can pay to use for the ‘single trip range extension’ that was mentioned on one of the Battery Life YouTube videos?

That’s if they ever launch it, and we ever get it! 😂

Seems on a few ‘We run it until it stops’ type videos I’ve watched on the ID.3, there does seem to be a lot of energy to tap into even when the range is showing zero. I’ve driven to a charger or two and been on 0 miles in my old ID.3, but I still had quite a lot of blue power bar remaining, and got the feeling it would go a fair bit further. Not that I’d recommend it obviously!
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At those charging rates, you should not be using the 350 charger (unless it is the only one available). Leave the 350 for cars pulling above 150;
Welcome to the forum! 😁👍

Please be assured, nobody was inconvenienced by my ‘hogging’ a charger for 6 mins and 26s at between 80-101kW, and there were 9 other 350kW chargers available and 3 x 50kW…
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Worth remembering (sure you do) @Tooks that the 77kwh pack is a notably lower voltage than the 58kwh. Mines about 380-390v. Compared to 430 or more on the 58kwh. Which on an amps limited charger actually shaves off quite a bit!
Nope, I hadn’t clocked that, never mind remembered it! 😂

I guess that’s down to pack configuration then?

Just to say, I’m not complaining about the speeds, mine seems to have got better since I’ve owned it, and feel sure something changed for the better with 2.4 regarding charge curves.

I’m half minded to start a thread saying fast charger rating should be by max amps that can be delivered… which would be a much fairer(?) way… perhaps.
Yes, advertising chargers in Amps as well as kW would be a welcome change for us ‘geeks’.
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