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Post 2.4 Charge Curve

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Wondered how people are doing with the post 2.4 update charge curve?

I used a 350kW charger at Wetherby the other evening, needed a quick 30 miles or so to give me some contingency for my destination.

I was stopping a lot earlier than I normally would, and ended up plugging in at 48%.

I was a bit surprised to see the charge rate jump to 101kW, I’m pretty sure it was never that high in the 40s before, more like 70 something. I unplugged at 58% and was still pulling 81kW.

I haven’t seen any official charge curves for the 82kWh battery on the GTX, and I’m certainly not complaining, but has anybody else seen jumps in charge speed and seen a new vs old curve anywhere?
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We stopped at Skelton Lake Ionity last night and managed a lowly 60kw at 48% charge. That's on a 58kwh ID 3 on factory 3.0 S/w.

I think a few folks were having issues though. EQA next to us was getting about 30kw until changing pump and then got 108kw.
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