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Post 2.4 Charge Curve

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Wondered how people are doing with the post 2.4 update charge curve?

I used a 350kW charger at Wetherby the other evening, needed a quick 30 miles or so to give me some contingency for my destination.

I was stopping a lot earlier than I normally would, and ended up plugging in at 48%.

I was a bit surprised to see the charge rate jump to 101kW, I’m pretty sure it was never that high in the 40s before, more like 70 something. I unplugged at 58% and was still pulling 81kW.

I haven’t seen any official charge curves for the 82kWh battery on the GTX, and I’m certainly not complaining, but has anybody else seen jumps in charge speed and seen a new vs old curve anywhere?
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(As a Tour owner) I thought the GTX had an even better (up to 175kw at low soc) charge curve than the regular 77kw ID models?
(Sorry - not on 2.4 so can’t help the Q!)
From VW’s own 3.0 update pages - it says that 77kwh id’s with 2.3 from the factory wouldn’t be changed. But those that ota’d to 2.3 would. It should be 135kw from the start.

but iirc the GTX gets a much better charge curve than the rest 😁😢

who knows! Glad to hear it’s fast though! Summer connies certainly help!
Worth remembering (sure you do) @Tooks that the 77kwh pack is a notably lower voltage than the 58kwh. Mines about 380-390v. Compared to 430 or more on the 58kwh. Which on an amps limited charger actually shaves off quite a bit!

eg. 50kw InstaVolts I now get 44-45.. and on the ‘150kw’ MFG chargers they’re limited to 250a - so I max out at 80ish. Pack voltage is lower with lower SOC too.

not An issue on a correctly functioning Ionity charger obvs…

I’m half minded to start a thread saying fast charger rating should be by max amps that can be delivered… which would be a much fairer(?) way… perhaps.
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