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As Tony said, servicing is mostly optional. There's a service schedule that includes things like replacing cabin filters every couple of years, and then there's coolant and brake fluid changes. But there's no set X miles or 12 monthly service like other cars. You also don't need Tesla to do any of this, there's plenty of independent garages that are used to working on EV's and for most things related to steering and braking it's the same as any other car. Use an independent local garage and make an assumption that you'll have to drop it at the Tesla SC some time in the first month to get any delivery niggles sorted, if they can't be done by one of the rangers. It's also possible that you get a car with no issues at all ... wouldn't that be nice.

Regarding the 16 and 32a UMC adapters, they were about £30 each when I last checked. And if you are worried about the state of the wiring you could always knock the charging ampage down a bit in the car so charge at 13A on the 16A adapter or 25A on the 32.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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