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Now that the weather's cooling down again and now that I've had the s/w upgrade[1], I'm using it.

As with all things EV-range related[2], there are too many variables to know conclusively that range is improved but I suspect it is. If only because I can get in to a toasty hot, fully defrosted, heat soaked cabin before I've even unplugged. Without pre-con, the first thing I'd do is blast the heater on. With pre-con, I can complete some trips with the a/c off.

[1] Earlier in the year (I got one of the first i3s so am an old-timer), with the old s/w, the pre-con didn't seem to actually do anything. Maybe the battery was warmed up but I didn't notice the cabin getting heated. Maybe I was doing something wrong with the settings!

[2] BMW's predictor is so over clever that trying to untangle the various factors is impossible. For all I can tell, it looks at external temp, weather forecast, altitude at start, local hilliness, and phase of the moon.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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