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Hello Tim,

If you have more details on your potential move in the next few years you could make an informed decision. It would be hard to beat the plug in Prius if your drive to London is within the range of the Prius plug in distance. This would be about an 8 to 10 mile round trip summer or winter. I don't know the polution zones of London to where using an ICE car becomes prohibitively expensive due to fees. Motorway driving or a round trip distance of 11 miles is beyond the range of the plug in Prius on electric.

If your employer has a plug in arrangement at your place of work you could be plugging in during the day and driving back and forth pretty much all electric with the Volt or Ampera. This assumes your round trip distance is about 30 to 35 miles.

On the Volt or Ampera you could use the motorways in all electric mode at any speed. The plug in Prius is limited to lower speeds for its electric range.

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