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Thanks, I'll look in to this ASAP. :)
I'm getting exactly the same problem as the others in here. I've successfully created an album, HandyAndy, with default settings public-read etc.
I cannot upload my 1st ever image (from my Win7 pc) to it - a single 264kb jpg image. I see there's a message saying "Your Quota: Uploads may be restricted by your quota if certain limits are exceeded. More Details" (link). Pressing the link gets a white text on black background stating:
Your image upload quota: Max dims=Unlimited, Max fkle size=10MB, Max items per upload=10, Allowed extensions include my .jpg, and the one I'm suspicious of:
Maximum Storage Quota (MB): 0 bytes of 50 MB
does that last item mean I'm currently allowed 0 bytes? Or that I've used 0 bytes of the 50 I'm allowed?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts