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Project EV, App doesn't recognise serial number.

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Hello all.

I have just had a Project EV installed however when I try to set it up using the app to scan the QR code or enter it manually it says it isn't recognised on the network.. anyone had this problem?

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I thought I had my Project EV Charger working properly. However, when I returned home this evening with the iPace at 28% charge, my intention was to programme it to charge from 0030 - 0430 in the morning. I connected the car to the charger, and it started charging. But when I opened the app on my phone, instead of seeing just my charger there were two strange charger serial numbers, and my charger was not there. At this point the charger switched off. I can get it to switch on again manually, but as soon as try to use the app it shuts down. I tried to input my charger ID, but the app said it did not exist! I started it charging again, and checked the screen on the car said it was charging. A few minutes later I switched the car back on, and the screen just said "initialising".
I've now put it back again on without trying to use the app, and checked the charger screen is pulsing green and the charger is humming. I don't dare to try either the app or switch the car back on and hope that is OK because I need it charged up in the morning.

Any suggestions about finding my charger on the app and getting back to normal?
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