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So here at EV Performance our main goal is to educate those currently not engaged with EV's and blind to the fact there is many benefits to driving an EV.

To help us achieve this we're embarking on a ambitious build. We're set to convert a classic MR2 into a an electric vehicle. We will be documenting the build on our site and teamed up with a national press magazine to really shout about it. Once we have completed the build we will tour the car around different car shows including tuning, performance and classic shows in UK and Europe. This is a huge opportunity for us to help break down the barriers between the audience who believe the only way is combustion engine and the EV drivers.

The goal is to improve the performance of the MR2 and to also make it road legal with a range that is similar to a Nissan Leaf.

To do the build it is going to cost. We've set up a crowdfunding page to help us reach the amount that it will cost to complete the build. We're looking to raise £20,000 for the build with investments starting from only £5.

I hope you can all see the benefits of us doing this.

The link to our page is here if you'd like to help us: Project zero emissions | Electric car converison
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