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Proposed new eco-hub in Blandford Dorset

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See this local paper report. New £10m electric vehicle charging station could bring jobs to Dorset
Light on detail and the website it lists Home | Blandford Hill Green Eco Hubhas more information, it has to be good news for this area.
Cheers Tony.
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Hi, Blandford resident and newly converted EV owner (2 months) here.

Whilst this is great news and a positive step in the right direction I can’t help but wonder why it’s 6 miles from Blandford town centre and in the middle of nowhere.

The A354 isn’t really that busy a road, the A31 is only 4 miles south and is the major E/W road below the A303 and would be far better suited.

There’s a solar farm on the outskirts of Blandford, 500m off the junction of A350/A354, far more traffic and closer to the population…. but as the (proposed) new solar park is connected to the grid is there any reason why the ’eco service station’ can’t be closer to more of the population. Ferndown/Wimborne/Dorchester ?

There is a void of any ‘big name’ charge points in this area but we’ve managed to cover over 11,500 miles in 2 months without any panics on work/home/Tesla/Polar…. and don’t even have a proper EV charge point installed!
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That's good news and could be useful for top-up if returning from Corfe or Swanage.
The locals may need some education though. This is what we were faced with at Morrisons in Blandford last September. Fortunately the CCS cable was long enough to reach round the other side with our EV parked next to the mini.
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I live close by to this spot and recall seeing that truck when going for a walk with my dog!!


I'm yet to use this point, besides it being pricey it seems to be out of action a lot.
I think that lorry driver needs to be grassed up.

(I'll get me coat & go quietly, promise,...)

Joking aside, I live 200m from that charge point and ICE-ing is a regular occurrence, however at £1+30p/kwH I'm unlikely to use this (when it works) as Polar and Tesla are cheaper (15p / 24p).

I can't help thinking that £10m to create 6 part-time jobs isn't something to make a song and dance about.... I'd love to see it in a more useful location.
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