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I drove one last week and it's impressive.
From my research, the reason why the range extender only does that many miles is because the California law demands that the generator must not produce any more miles than a full charge can, to qualify for the big tax breaks they get over there. The fact that we don't get them is typical of the British Government's attitude to taxing motorists.

It looks a bit strange at first, but quickly appears more normal. The colour makes a big difference. Very quick and agile. Otherwise, about the same drive as an Ampera. No quieter. Comfortable for 4 adults, but not as much luggage space. Amazingly tight turning circle.
The big difference is the braking effect from reducing throttle pressure. You can almost dispense with the brake pedal. A bit like my Ampera was when new.
Price is around £30,000 with a decent spec. and the Government grant.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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