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I have no off street parking are you able to apply for a point in your street

I have a leaf and would be nice to charge near my house

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I thought that you could apply for OLEV / PiP funding for a public charging post in your street...

This? https://www.gov.uk/government/uploa...55/street-charging-plug-in-vehicles-guide.pdf
That's one option, but you have to ask your local council and then they have to make the application (if I understand it correctly)...

Before the Government will fund a chargepoint, the following criteria
must be met:
 The grant application must come from a local authority in England,
and they must have signed up to the scheme.
3 The request for a chargepoint must come from a domestic resident
who owns a plug-in vehicle that will be able to use the point, or plans
to order one, or uses one regularly through their job.
 The resident requesting a chargepoint must not have private off-street
parking that would be suitable for the installation of a domestic
Questions and Answers
Q1. What do I do if my local authority won't sign up to the scheme?
The Government wants to give local authorities as much freedom as possible in
allocating their budgets and deciding their priorities, and for this reason it has
been left up to them to decide if they would like to take part in the scheme. If
they are not willing to, then you should look into whether there are already
chargepoints available in your area that you could make use of. There are a
number of online maps and smart phone apps that can help you do find
chargepoints across the UK.

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I have never heard of anyone being successful in requesting a charging station being installed anywhere in a public location. Are there any?
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