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When I went out to the car this morning, I found the rear offside tyre completely flat. I inflated it with the emergency kit and drove to my nearest ATS depot. There, I was told that because I had inflated the tyre with glue, I would have to have a new tyre for which they quoted £176 including fitting. I do have spare wheels and I now wish I had not used the emergency tyre kit.

Is this common practice that a new tyre is required whenever one of these aerosol kits is deployed?
ATS are highwayman toting windy guns and trolley jacks!

£176 is daylight robbery!

If it were a run flat on a BMW then that’s par for the course but not for an Ampera.

I use mainly independents in my home county.

There is a national company called Formula one autocentres that are family owned still and usually fairly reasonable if you have one of those somewhere close.

look for the independents and call round for prices.

I see from your profile you live In Banbury try somewhere like this:

Or go on formula one autocentres website they always have offers and money off vouchers and usually discount if you book online.
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