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Had this message below forwarded to me. They ask for it to be shared to our ev networks so I am....! (Edit - added back page breaks!)

The Rapid Charge Network project is the development of a multi-standard, rapid charge network for electric vehicles across the UK and Ireland. The project brings together the four major manufacturers – Nissan, BMW, Renault and VW – to provide easy charging for EV drivers.

The project is also a vital real-life study of the impact that a network of rapid charge points can have on electric vehicle drivers now and in the future.

We are therefore looking for electric vehicle drivers to take part in the study and provide us with your views on both driving and charging. You will live within 30 miles of the new Rapid Charge Network route http://rapidchargenetwork.com/drivers.php and drive an electric vehicle regularly – whether this is your own personal car or part of a company fleet.

Drivers will be asked to take part in a number of different ways – either through completing a questionnaire 2 – 3 times throughout the next 12 months, by taking part in a focus group, providing us access to your electronic car data (for example through Carwings) or even by having a data logger installed into your car. A financial incentive is available for those willing to take part in the data logger trials.

The data loggers and data from the cars will provide the project with specific charging and driving data from your vehicle so we can monitor how your charging patterns change when the network is developed.

This will be a high profile trial, working with major fleets across the UK and market leading vehicle manufactures. The data will be analysed by Newcastle University, and those involved in the trial will provide us with vital insight which will help shape EV charging networks in the future, both in the UK and across Europe.

I hope that you will be interested in joining the RCN project, and taking part in the trial. To register your interest please complete the following questionnaire https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N7LCPTW

We would appreciate it if you would also pass this on to any EV networks that you work with.
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