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Hi all
This is my maiden post, so please bear with me. My n/s rear light on my 2012 Ampera has lost some LEDS. I am trying to remove the unit to investigate,but have come to the point when a bit of advice would be good before I break something.Any. advice please

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If it's the brake/indicator light unit rather than the reflectors then before you can remove the two parts indicated by Spiny above, you have to first remove the rear bumper/facia. Not done it myself but I had to take the front off last week and that was quite straightforward if a bit fiddly with lots of screws and plastic fixings. The bit I thought would be most difficult - splitting the body mouldings at the join was actually quite easy, you just need a thin blade to insert in the gap to depress the fixing tabs and they part like a zip.

This video shows how its done on a Volt
Ampera is similar I imagine.
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