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Rear Wheel Drive on Kia EV6 - Handling OK?

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I watched the Fully Charged look at the EV6 earlier. I was disappointed to hear that the 2WD version will be rear wheel drive. Am I just being old fashioned in not liking the idea of a rear wheel drive car? My most recent experience of that was a friend who gave up on a RWD BMW one winter into owning it as he couldn't control it in even moderately slippery conditions. Is there anything about an EV that would make driving a RWD version any safer/more pleasant than an ICE equivalent?

I haven't watched anything on the Hyundai 5 yet - is that the same?
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I’d choose RWD over FWD in most situations. The front wheels do the steering uncorrupted by the power. It takes a bit of adjustment in driving style but should generally feel nicer to drive. I don’t think VW would have put all their electric eggs in that basket if they were worried about safety (not sure if that’s a good example, but you know what i mean).
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