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Rear Wheel Drive on Kia EV6 - Handling OK?

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I watched the Fully Charged look at the EV6 earlier. I was disappointed to hear that the 2WD version will be rear wheel drive. Am I just being old fashioned in not liking the idea of a rear wheel drive car? My most recent experience of that was a friend who gave up on a RWD BMW one winter into owning it as he couldn't control it in even moderately slippery conditions. Is there anything about an EV that would make driving a RWD version any safer/more pleasant than an ICE equivalent?

I haven't watched anything on the Hyundai 5 yet - is that the same?
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A big part of why FWD ICE cars are good in snow is because you have a heavy engine over those front wheels. And conversely, RWD ICE cars tend to have the engine in the front and not over those driven wheels. Back in the days of most mainstream cars being RWD, people would leave extra weight in the boot if snow/ice was expected, to help out.

That's not so applicable to EVs where most of the weight is in the battery, and it tends to be spread around the chassis.

In all cases, suitable tyres are a much bigger factor. Things like BMWs don't have any issues in snow in places that fit winter tyres as a matter of course.
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