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I got myself into a bit of a problem yesterday. I visited the Elephant Boatyard in Bursledon. To drive down to the yard involves going down a steep drive with a sharp turn at the top, see Google map

Google Maps

My car applied the emergency brake as it thought I was going to ding the barrier in front of me. Ok I thought back up a little and then it'll let me go around but the car just spun the rear wheels with the most gentle of touches of the accelerator pedal and didn't move backwards at all. The drive is steep and rough concrete and was dry, it's particularly steep just in front of the chap in the picture on the inside of the bend, just where the rear wheel was. I got out of the situation by turning auto hold off and edging forward on full lock while another boat owner watched the front to ensure I missed the barrier by less than 1". Leaving the yard is no problem, plenty of grip. I suspect the steep slope shifts the weight away from the rear wheels and the auto hold system decided it needed to apply too much power. It wouldn't have been a problem with a manual hand brake.
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