The original, super efficient first generation 28kWh Hyundai Ioniq in Electric Blue with Premium spec.
Main highlights I would say:

  • Android Auto / Apple Car Play
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Heated front seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • Reverse Parking Camera
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (only activates when you are actually genuinely about to hit something in front of you, no phantom braking)

Full gallery of images available here:

7kw Type 2 cable and Granny (3-pin) cable included.

I'd say the car is generally in great condition, both interior and exterior wise. A few imperfections pictured and listed below exterior wise, and inside looking good, even if you disregard age of vehicle. Ioniq mats included.

Through the OBD scanner, there is still an indicated 100% SOH of its usable portion of the battery and have personally gone to great lengths to keep it at that. Battery care protocol has generally been cycling between 20-80% and not left overnight above or below that range, and only charging to 100% occasionally every other month for longer journeys where required right before start of journey. Also helps that I've quite a light foot? I'd say 60% of the mileage is done on AC charging alone.

Car was bought outright at 8000 miles @ Hyundai Grimsby as a certified approved vehicle in Feb 2020, have proof of purchase if required for peace of mind so definitely no finance outstanding.

Winter motorway worse case scenario I get close to 4 miles/kWh, but in the summer almost too easy cruising around town yielding 7 miles/kWh, pretty crazy.

Great spec for a 'base model' car, honestly a great example of original Ioniq. If you're tempted like myself by Bjorn Nyland - really great EV for around town with even a bit of roadtripping - I've done trips to Scotland, France, Spain and Italy in this. More than happy to chat about this if you like. 19min 10-80% charging time on any >50kw charger.

Car is due a full service soon, but this won't cost you very much. I believe main Hyundai dealer service was a bit under £200 if I remember correctly.
New x4 tyres replaced recently, all approx 6mm tread currently. Michelin Energy Savers 205-55R16. New wiper blades also installed earlier this month too as part of MOT.

Now for the imperfections, all pictured in Google Drive link above.

  • A few marks on front bumper. Most prominently just adjacent to registration plate, and scratches in the silver faux grille.
  • Some marks on left corner of rear bumper.
  • A mark on grey, rear bumper trim.
  • All alloys perfect apart from front left, where there is small amount of kerb rash. Was quite p*****d off when that happened.

There are a few tiny marks (stone chips) on stone chips not pictured, but you've really got to look for those.
The vehicle is still currently being used so mileage may increase slightly (certainly will be below 36k at point of sale).

Honestly, super reliable car which hasn't skipped a beat - I'm upgrading to Tesla Model 3 hence sale. Super efficient, cheap to run and ticked all my boxes.

With all of this in mind, car priced at £14,250 which is I believe very reasonable.
Car is based in E14, near Canary Wharf - East London. Feel free to get in touch for any viewings.
Full service history also included.
If you'd like more deets do give me a shout.