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Kia e-Niro 4 MY20, Zoe Z.E.50 GT Line
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The indicated range is a fiction. The max range is essentially the usable battery capacity multiplied by the car’s supposed efficiency. So if you can achieve 4 miles/kWh and have a 42kWh battery with 37.3kWh usable, then the range is 149 miles.

4 miles/kWh is pretty good this time of year and you probably won’t manage that. 3.5 is more realistic, so the range is then 130.

to get 199 miles from 37.3 kWh usable means hitting over 5 miles/kWh which is… optimistic. Then again it’s a city car by design so in summer, with very careful driving, you might manage it.

More realistic is just 4.3miles/kWh which gives you the 161 range.

The more I think about it, have they massively cocked up and stated the car’s range based on the full battery capacity rather than the usable capacity?
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