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It's taken 6 months but I've finally be reimbursed for some work to my Zoe performed by the local dealer which is run by possibly the stupidest service manager I have ever come across.

It started with the car coming up with "Electric motor failure" and leaving me stuck on the side of the road. The fault cleared itself long enough for me to get the car to the local dealer and that is when the fun started.
As the car is now under the extended warranty I thought this would be sorted but knew that they want authorisation to perform diagnostic work which you have to pay for up front. This was expected and you do get that back if the the claim is valid which is fair enough and makes sure you don't get people trying to claim against things like the washer not working when it is just empty.
A few days later I get a call saying they have done diagnostics but now they needed to do more work and for some reason it was still being classified as diagnostics so they wanted another two hours of labour to be paid before they would go any further. This is now starting to sound like a scam but they had the car, they'd confirmed the fault existed and really I had no choice but to go along with it. They then spent the time taking apart all of the cables from the battery to the motor and putting it all back together again. This cured the fault but apparently as they didn't replace and parts and can't say exactly what they did it doesn't count as a valid claim. Apparently taking things apart and putting them back together isn't "work" if the person working on it doesn't find something they expected. Anyone who has worked on electrical problems will know all to well that simply taking it apart and rebuilding it can cure a lot of problems.

This is where it gets interesting.

It turns out that the interaction between the dealer and the Renault extended warranty company is all done via the phone, nothing is written down and everything is open for interpretation. This means that if the dealer is an idiot and explains it in one way that sounds a bit off the warranty people just reject the claim.
And so started the task of trying to find out what had been said, what was recorded and why they rejected the claim. They are hopeless at being able to confirm anything.
I could bore you all with the in's and out's of the warranty contract but paraphrasing a lot it covers EVERYTHING, with a raft of exclusions for the obvious service items and consumable stuff as long as the car is not performing to manufacturers specification, error codes are a rather obvious point that is covered.

I was not able to get an real sense out of them at all and it took five phone calls before they were even able to get a copy of their own warranty so they could understand what I was going on about. Nothing they stated was a valid reason for rejecting the claim but they did it anyway. Every phone call was just a pointless waste of time and an utter joke.
Impressively you can raise a complaint but that is purely internal and after that shock horror they found in their own favour.

This is where the ombudsman got involved.

I took quite a while for them to get round to look at it but in the end found in my favour and I've now got the payment plus interest back but the whole event has soiled my hope for the warranty process.
The people at the warranty company really have no idea what they should be doing if there is something slightly out of the ordinary which is going to be plenty of times with an electric car, and seem unable to understand their own policy when written in black and white right in front of them which is rather disappointing.

I'm happy it is finally all sorted and it has at least more than covered the cost of the warranty so in the end I am up on the deal so will continue with the warranty next year as it is clear that even the smallest issue can cost a packet.

I will finish with a note about the ombudsman and something I wasn't aware of.
The ombudsman charges the company being complained about £500 for every claim that they investigated (after the first 25 cases) even if the ombudsman find in favour of the company. This means that if you have a warranty claim under £500 that they reject and you keep saying you will go to the ombudsman it might just make them pay up as it would be cheaper for them anyway.
Although I can't say for sure that more than 25 claims have been put against Car Care Plan ( the company behind the Renault extended warranty) I would guess that there is low likely hood that it less than three figures.

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I feel your pain

I’ve had similar issues with an extended warranty but an actually very capable Vauxhall dealership

zafira went into safe mode

dealer stated it was injectors

warranty company wanted independent test on injector

we paid for test but engineers report stated results inconclusive but to replace all as gold practice

warranty declined claim

we fought it and they eventually agreed to replace 1 injector (fuel rail pipe not included in warranty and paid excess)

car broke down again 1 month later - safe mode

dealership stated injectors

warranty agreed to replace 1 more injector (another excess paid)

car broke down again on way Home from garage

warranty company agreed to replace 1 more injector (another excess paid)

car ran ok then.

decided to take warranty company to ombudsman over it being 1 claim and thus 1 excess ( think we paid £ excess each time) - going to the ombudsman costs them £100(?)

ombudsman found in our favour based on engineers report.

warranty company challenged and went to senior ombudsman (costs something like £250)

again found in our favour

warranty company continued to disagree but would pay us a good will gesture of £150 (the 2 x excess)

almost rejected their “goodwill” offer

it’s always worth engaging with the ombudsman if you feel you’ve not been treated fairly

well done !!

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