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Renault Zoe 100kW i GT Line R135 50KWh - what do I need to know

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As for the home charger, Pod Point would be who I would suggest to look at first for home charging. They are generally a reasonable price and everyone I know who switched has been sent to them by me and not disappointed by the install or long term reliability.

When out and about, you should install the Zap Map, and ABRP apps. These will both be very handy tools for finding a chargepoint and planning a longer journey. You can plug in to a rapid charger but won't get any more than 22kW speeds, so a little over 2.5 Hours for a full charge. Still very handy for small top ups though. Since you're on AC, most of the networks are very reliable. Even Ecotricity which you may have heard bad things about, they should all be fine with Type 2 AC. The only networks you can't use because you don't have CCS Rapid charge support are Instavolt, and Ionity. The Zap Map app I mentioned earlier will help you to see what charging networks are along the routes you travel so will help you see who is worth signing up to.

They are pretty good cars, and with your usage I can't imagine there will be any real problems with it. I'm sure you'll enjoy the switch to EV but if you do need any help along the way you know where this forum is now.
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One 'obvious' thing but perhaps not is that efficiency tails off quickly at speed. For long runs I don't do more than 63/64. But also the speedo is very accurate.
Mine over-reads by 2mph at 30, 40 and 60, according to the satnav on my phone. Funnily enough, my PHEV does exactly the same since we fitted new tyres - with worn ones it was 3mph out
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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