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I've just paid off the PCP loan I took out a couple of weeks ago to get myself a Life (!) To get my quote, I tried the online site at myvwfinance.vwfs.co.uk and got as far as creating name & password, but then had a message to say there was some problem at the back-end server & it couldn't create the account. So gave up on that and tried the telephone instead. Rather to my surprise this worked fine, with a computer at the far end giving clear instructions. One of the early options after selecting the PCP one was "request a settlement figure" and mine was £23,765.51, valid for 30 days. So my total price paid for this was actual 28,765.51 for Life with Alloys & Heatpump. I'm very happy with that.

But here's the tiny, interesting detail! Wrapped up in that figure are the PCP interest payments for the days the PCP was active, up to the date I requested a settlement figure. Not a huge amount, but its ££ every day.

So If you're planning to pay your PCP off real soon, then get your settlement quote asap, as that stops further interest payments being added in the meantime!

My thanks to everyone here who has helped explain the complexities of the PCP minefield to me, and shown me there was definitely a safe way through that has yielded great benefits to me! Cheers, all!
They tried that with our Solutions pcp until I told them that I have not even picked the ID3 up yet and won’t do till the 31st as they wanted an extra £246.52 pence over the outstanding loan amount Anyway I managed to get that waived.

As for there customer portal it really sucks as like yourself you only get so far then next page you get a message saying there’s a problem there end and it’s been like that since the 23/12 .

Happy new to you all........it has got to be better next year.
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