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I showed a few people this at the i3 meet up today & promised I'd do a short write up.

The mirror on the i3 feels really cramped to me - so I replaced it with a £70 Android Dashcam.



Not quite taken at the same angle, but you get the idea. A bit more vertical space and a slightly wider horizontal view.

The mirror has velcro straps which just strap over the existing mirror. It blocks the dazzle sensor on the front of the mirror - but the new mirror's coating is anti-glare anyway. Doesn't block anything on the rear.

Chasing the USB power & GPS cables through the i3 is pretty easy - lots of rubber flaps to hide them. Bit trickier if you also want a rear camera as well - but wires can easily be hidden under the mats.

Here's a review of the mirror & integrated dashcam - Review: Android Dash Cam

TBH, the Android features are quite limited - and it doesn't come with Google services, so you can't have maps on your mirror without some work. That said, the camera quality is good enough for insurance purposes.

I got the dash cam from Amazon - there are a whole range from £60 to £300.
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