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Replacing Wiper Blades

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Has anyone replaced the wiper blades on their Mk1 Leaf?

I am looking to replace mine but the web site I normally go to for blades doesn't stock them for the Leaf.

Of course I could go to my Nissan dealer but I really don't want to pay Nissan prices for wiper blades.

Any ideas?
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Check the dealer, I've always been surprised with MINI and Toyota in the past that the dealer accessories and parts are cheaper than most others in many cases.
OK Paul I will do tomorrow. I admit I haven't checked as I have been stung in the past.

I'll let you know :)
£40.92 incl VAT

I would have thought nearer £20 was what I was expecting to pay online.
Yeah, that seems steep. Then again I miss penny sweets. :(
Although I can't see a specific listing, can't you buy Bosch blades, just need one each of 16" and 26", the fitments are universal nowadays aren't they?

I'm a big fan of their aero blades but a pair would be near £30 all in.
I bought their aero blades for my last car, very happy with them and lasted a long time, bought them from parts_monster on Ebay but I can't see a listing for the Leaf.
That's the problem... I can't find Leaf blades on any of the online discount stores. Perhaps it is a bit early. One of the disadvantages of being an early adopter I guess.

I shall get the Nissan ones this time and hope that next time there are after-market ones available :)

Thx for all your help :)
Bosch do them in 16" and 26" sizes, got them on our Prius and Pug and they're much better than the standard fit blades.
Just replaced front a few weeks ago but at nissan dealer (company car lease so all inclusive)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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