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Replacment of the micra

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Our Leaf had its Nissan dealer service this week and I asked if Nissan was going to bring out a Micra ev? Their reply was the 'Micra is coming to its end of production and will be replaced with a new name as well as an ev model. Anyone else heard of this?
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I find the article that says that Renault-Nissan Alliance is about to dominate the electric car market in Europe with two good looking superminis. The Renault Zoe and the Nissan Micra EV. The Nissan Micra Gen5 starts a new era at Nissan. From now on every Nissan that gets a new generation will be prepared to have an electric powertrain. Not only this new Micra, but also Juke and QASHQAI... This is very cool cause I'm waiting for this cars, which I can buy with vehicle inspection report. So when Micra’s electric version arrives it will share some components with the Zoe. Probably the motor, inverter, charger and battery. This way the Alliance can finally reduce costs and increase production.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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