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Replacment of the micra

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Our Leaf had its Nissan dealer service this week and I asked if Nissan was going to bring out a Micra ev? Their reply was the 'Micra is coming to its end of production and will be replaced with a new name as well as an ev model. Anyone else heard of this?
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Wow, I hope they revise the styling. It's clearly based on the Renault 5, but they've made it hideous! It reminds of the Fiat 500L, which tries to fit the funky Fiat 500 styling onto a different body shape that would look much better if it was angular.
Looks like a Mini to me. I kind of like it but I reserve judgement until I see one 'in the flesh'.

I was surprised to see recently that the current Micra isn't at all bad, after a number of hideous iterations previously. It looks like a small Leaf. Not that original, but perfectly acceptable.
It's using engines from the mk4 (2012-2020) Renault Clio
I was judging purely on external looks. I've not driven one. The main problem for the Micra is a different kind of image problem: an association with a certain kind of driver. For some obscure reason, our family refers to them as 'Molehusbands' but for most people the phrase 'Sunday driver' covers it. I don't see them worrying much about which engine they have: they barely touch the accelerator anyway, unless they are in neutral.
Agreed, that really is hideous. Not sure I've ever seen one on the roads, which is understandable, I suppose.
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Also the Trotter's Reliant Robin, OK this could go on for a while!
Basil Fawlty's car -- the one he beats with a branch for insubordination.

What is it -- an Austin 1100?
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