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This is really a heads up.
recently had new gear selector cable replaced, waited about a week for back order of parts.
Hire car via Renault warranty.
I received a health 'Free health check' for our Zoe with an "Urgent/red" brakes disc and pads scored £320 !!!
The car is under 30k I didn't take to much notice of this "Urgent/red" warning as the the regen does a lot of the braking.
when the car was returned I had front tires fitted and took the opportunity to check the condition of the brakes. What a surprise
there was very little ware.
Reception were great, collection drop off service returned the car with eco driver rating 43 !!!

I did contact the dealer telling them about my disappointment, they assured me that this would be looked into and that they don't
expect there customers to receive this poor service.

Enterprise rent a car complemented the service, giving us a car that was not cleaned properly (best case hot chocolate had been spilt across centre consil)
don't even think about Covid
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