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Has anyone come across Rolec's Smartchargers requirement of a GPRS signal of 14CSQs?
- Its in the small print of the Rolecs specification
Goggle: rolec wallpod ev homesmart datasheet

How is anybody meant to measure CSQs before getting a Rolec Smart charger installed? (Without mega expensive test equipment)

I'm in an area that EE, Vodafone and O2’s website each say the reception at our location is:
“You'll get good coverage outdoors”, “Good indoors and outdoors”, “Good indoors and outdoors”

Yet my Rolec only averages 7CSQ and regularly goes offline and stays offline (ie its not smart)

How can I determine if for whatever reason GPRS coverage is poor at the location my charger is installed or whether the units GPRS module is faulty?
(Before you ask I can put my vodafone smartphone on top of the charger and make calls, so there is coverage)

Measuring CSQs any clues anyone?
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