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I've been struggling with the timed charges on our Zoe and Kona failing about 25% of the time for the last year, since I changed the tethered cable from a Type 1 (Ampera) to Type 2 (Kona, Zoe). Having searched around, I put it down to a dodgy Rolec charger. Eventually I got in contact with them and had a good chat with their technical support chap, Adam.

He helped me diagnose a loose connection inside the charging box itself; blue flashing light means "no cable connected" (whether a car is connected or not) and the fault was a loose connection in the small link that goes across two of the charging control terminals. It looks like a wire with a bulge in it between a ground connection and either PP or CP on the Mode 3 controller (lower right box internally), and is actually a resistor which is usually present in a non-tethered cable. It tells the box there is always a cable connected, since you have a tethered cable. In my case, the link had accidentally been pushed into the wrong side of the clamps on the screw terminal, so it was a bit loose and the mechanical vibration from the contact relay closing was enough to cause it to momentarily look like the cable had been disconnected and hence it bombed out.

Solution - open the charging point up (powered off, obviously!!!), then loosen each end of the link, pull the wires out of each end, put them back in again (making sure they are in the right place in the screw clamp) and tighten the screws to make sure they're firm.

Since doing this I've had about a dozen successful charges in a row. Thank you Rolec!
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