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Roof Rack options?

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Anyone with a roof rack on their Leaf?

The Mrs is interested in carrying a bike on her leaf. But no tow bar and can't fit a rear mounted rack because the spoiler is so flimsy.

The only option I can find is Thule but that seems to get pretty expensive and the mounts look like they are just metal angles that clamp onto the door opening.

Is there no way to fit a rack into the drain groove?

What are others using?
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They are metal clamps but they are also coated in rubber so don't damage the car. I've used various roof racks on previous cars and am also interested in roof carrying options as there is nothing official. I like to keep my muddy/greasy MTB on the outside of the car but don't like boot carriers as they aren't paintwork friendly. There is a couple of forum posters who use boot carriers but I wouldn't recommend. Thule are expensive but it's nice kit and what I've always gone for. I'm trying to find max load figures for the LEAF before taking the plunge this time.
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I've got the Thule Wingbar set with the bike carriers, all the details are in one of my early posts from around Feb/March last year.

The max load is about 50Kg and is detailed in the Thule foot pack or adapter instructions, I can't recall the LEAF manual stating any figures for a roof rack.

I got mine from RoofBox.co.uk as they were the cheapest place to get the roof rack and bike carriers altogether.

As @Interloper says, the feet are rubber coated and long as you are careful they won't damage your car. I use a little bit of electrical tape on the gutters to mark where the feet sit so that I can refit quickly when needed.

I can't say that I have noticed a dramatic decrease in range when carrying a bike up top, I can't say the same if you used a roof box as I've never used one, I'd imagine that would eat into useable range more than a bike.
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This thread :-
should give a few suggestions.

FWIW, I don't use my eBay bars very often (so have to work out how to fit them each time !) but they work OK once fitted.
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